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Lost? Looking for the road to happiness? Sometimes we look in all the wrong places.

You may be thinking that you can find happiness in a better job, a different relationship, the right medication, a new house, or a big bank account. When you keep looking outside of yourself to find sustainable happiness, you walk the longest, winding road. It is empowering to learn that the road to happiness lies within you, but you still need the keys to unlock the gates that block your path.

At banish the blues we can help you find and use those keys! We provide empowering and innovative guidance and therapies based on solid scientific research. We leave old, narrow-minded, ineffective thinking in the dust… and so can you.

If you are struggling with individual, relationship, family, or work issues, call for an appointment: 602-866-0230.

It’s time to discover your own unique and fulfilling road to happiness.