What is so special about banish the blues?

At banish the blues we don’t use an “illness” model in therapy. Our many years of experience have shown us that everyone has strengths to help overcome challenges. We are not content to just help you relieve some symptoms. We help you discover and use your unique talents and signature strengths to find greater sustainable happiness.

We are committed to guiding you toward a more fulfilling and rewarding life. In other words — We help you flourish.

Shall I use insurance?

Our services are covered by most insurance plans, but insurance has its limitations. In order for insurance to pay, they require a “mental” disorder diagnosis in their permanent record. Insurance companies can dictate what type of treatment you may receive and for how many sessions you may attend therapy/counseling. They will not cover more than 45 minutes per session. They often require “medical necessity” to cover services, and also require access to records, thus possibly compromising your confidentiality. Many insurance plans will not cover treatment for marital or family issues, as they are not considered “medical” problems. In spite of the pitfalls, some still opt to use their insurance ,and so we are on several insurance panels in order to accommodate those clients. An out-of-network benefit is often available with those insurance plans in which we do not participate.

What is the fee for counseling or therapy?

The fee for both individual and relationship therapy is $145 per therapy hour. We accept cash, checks and credit cards.

What are banish the blues’ office hours?

We provide services Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Just give us a call!


If you are struggling with individual, relationship, family or work issues,

Call 602-866-0230 for an appointment.

It’s time to discover your own unique and fulfilling

Road to Happiness.